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How did you meet your LJ friends?

Most of you will know by now that I'm working on my master thesis at the the moment. The working title (which changes frequently *g*) is "The emergence of hybrid relations through computer mediated communication". Long story short, it's about relationships and friendships that form through online communication. That's where I need your help and expertise! I'm stuck on a chapter and I need a little inspiration and because you are all experts on this topic I could really need your help. I would appreciate if you could answer a question for me and maybe tell me some of your experiences. Please???

HOW DID YOU MEET YOUR ONLINE FRIENDS? Did you meet them in fandom? Was it pure coincidence? Did you read someones user info and friended the person because of your shared interest?Did you know any of your online friends prior to your online interaction? Have you met some of your online friends in real life?D

Thanks in advance ♥
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