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It was about time to make a friends cut, because there are so many people I NEVER talk to and there are also a lot of people who never make posts. I wish you guys all the best ♥
Sam/Dean [weapons]

Eye Con ticket for sale

I'm not going to be able to attend Eye Con, because my best friend got seriously sick. That's why I'm selling my ticket:

* Platinum C ticket, Seat# F28 (row6), price: 255 $
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* Saturday Evening Celebrity Banquet ticket, price: 85 $, stars attending so far: Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Sandra McCoy, Samantha Ferris, Chad Lindberg, Alona Tal, Steve Carlson, Gabriel Tigerman

*Ten Inch Hero SCREENING, price: 10 $


Preferably, I want to sell the paltinum ticket, the banquet ticket and the ticket for the screening to the same person. If you buy the whole package it will cost you 300 $

Kenny from Eyecon knows about my situation and he allowed me to sell the tickets on my own. He also guarantueed to assign it to the person who buys it. If you are interested, please drop me a comment or write to:
Quote [The Universe makes fun of us all]

[Out of the Dark and Into the Light]

Today is the tenth anniversary of Falco's death. He was an extraordinary, austrian musician and a very controversial and eccentric person. His death really affected me, because it was so unexpected and he was working on a comeback at the time of his death. I always liked him because he dared to say and do things nobody else did. A lot of you probably won't know him, but I will always remember him.

He sold about 60 million albums and singles worldwide and his record Rock me Amadeus reached the #1 in the United States.




Jeanny, quit livin' on dreams
Jeanny, life is not what it seems
You're lost in the night, don't wanna struggle and fight
There's someone, who needs you, babe

This song was one of the controversial things Falco had done. The story of "Jeanny" is told from the point of view of a rapist and murderer. Several radio stations refused to play the the song and it was totally ignored in the U.S.

Out of the Dark

Out of the dark
Into the light
I give up and close my eyes

Falco wrote this song just a few weeks prior to his death what caused many speculations about the circumstances concerning his death. Even though the officials claimed to have found cocaine in his blood, it was ruled an accident.

One Tree Hill MUSIC

I'm so glad One Tree Hill is finally back. I really missed the show and it's characters, especially Peyton. Some of my friends seem to have a bit of a problem with P. Sawyer but I always thought she was the most interesting character on this show. She's smart, creative and has a good heart. And of course she is ridiculously pretty. If I knew her I would totally hit on her :) But above all, I love her taste in music. The music is actually one of the things that make me like OTH so damn much. I've uploaded a few songs for you if you want to check them out. ENJOY!

Kate Voegele - Kindly Unspoken

Belasco - Butterflies

La Rocca - Non-Believer

Low Flying Owls - Glad to be alive
Sam & Dean [DEATH]


Some of you might know that I’m writing my master thesis at the moment. You’ve helped me out before with it and now I’m asking you to help me one last time, PLEASE!!!

I’m writing about online friendships and I want to analyze what kind of relationships emerge from LiveJournal and if the participation in LJ communities encourages people to form social networks on the Internet. Therefore, I designed an online questionnaire. I would really appreciate if you could take the time (10 minutes) to fill it out and help me gain valuable information for my study. You are all experts in this area and you would really help me out with participating in the questionnaire (and spread the word about it). Thank you very much in advance!!! You are THE BEST!

David Anders

Video: Adam - Amends (Heroes)

WOW! Heroes really won me back! The last two episodes were amazing!!! Mainly because of the awesomeness that is Mister David Anders who in my opinion is one of the very few actors that make a british accent sound dirty and sexy. HE IS A GOD! I dedicated a video to him and the character he plays on Heroes:

Title: Amends
Character(s): ADAM (Hiro, Yaeko, Peter)
Music: Apocalyptica
Summary: Thirty years of imprisonment make Adam rethink his life.
He wants to make amends.


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